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What is the New Eastside?

The New Eastside is a mixed-use community east of Michigan Ave. between Grant Park and the Chicago River. It encompasses the entire Illinois Center and Lakeshore East developments, as well as separate developments like Prudential Plaza, Aon Center, and 333 North Michigan. The area has a tri-level street system and is bisected by Columbus Drive.

Map of Lakeshore East

Although this map was developed to show the plans for Lakeshore East which is just a portion of the New Eastside neighborhood, it is the most exciting part and the map covers most of the existing residential buildings. Highlights include the footprints of buildings under construction and also some new developments in planning such as the Village Market and the Aqua building.

Click on the map thumbnail to view the full image.

Lakeshore East

  Residential Buildings

  Office Buildings


  • Swissotel
  • Fairmont Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency



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